MC Glide Metal Clad Cable Patents

If you think pulling cable is about as painful as pulling teeth, we’ve got something that will put a smile on your face.

The MC Glide Product Family offer new, completely redesigned cables that make pulling cable a breeze. They slide through metal studs and ceilings easily for faster, smoother pulls. Reduce time spent on a job. Reduce labor costs. Reduce the stress on your back.

MC Glide Product Family now includes MC Glide Tuff™ steel armored cable or MC Glide Lite™ aluminum armored cable, MC Glide Luminary Tuff™ steel armored cable, MC Glide Luminary Lite™ aluminum armored cable and MC Glide FireAlarm™ Control Cable. .

Get MC Glide and glide through your next job!


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Turn pulling into gliding.

It’s a good product, I didn’t think it could get better and here it is.