Super Neutral Cable

Galvanized Interlocking Steel or (optional) Aluminum Armor

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to minimize the effects of harmonic currents on the neutral conductors
    generated by non-linear loads
  • Features oversized neutral conductor
  • Cable designs and conductor color schemes compatible with most modular office furniture
  • UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations
  • Optional Aluminum armored cables are RoHS Compliant
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


Branch circuit and feeder wiring for computers, programmable controllers, electronic discharge lighting, office machines and other electronic equipment that introduce additive harmonic currents from non-linear switching loads, compatible with most modular office furniture, under raised floors, above suspended ceilings, environmental air-handling spaces, and applications requiring superior EMI shielding (steel armor only).



Galvanized Interlocking Steel* Strip
Solid (8 AWG stranded)
Conductor Insulation
Assembly Covering
Polypropylene Tape
90°C (dry) Rating
One or more grounding conductors insulated green, see chart below
Neutral Conductors
Neutral per phase or oversized neutral configurations, white/white with phase stripe
Maximum Voltage Rating

References & Ratings

  • UL 83, 1479, 1569, 1581, 2556, File Reference E80042
  • NEC® 230.43, 300.22(C), 392, 396.10(A), 330, 501, 502, 503, 530, 504, 505, 645
  • Federal Specification A-A–59544 (formerly J-C–30B)
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R–14141
  • Environmental Air Handling Spaces per NEC® 300.22(C) must be derated per NEC® Table 310.15(B)(3)(a)
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials
250’ Coil500’ Reel750’ Reel1000’ ReelPhase Conductor AWGNeutral Conductor AWGGrounding Conductor AWGApprox. Weight/1000 Feet (lbs.)Armor Minimum O.D. (inches)
Oversize Neutral Design
2908-42-002908-45-00**2908-47-00**2908-60-0012-1 Solid(a)10-1(f)12-1(k)2200.510
2909-42-002909-45-00**2909-47-00**2909-60-0012-2 Solid(b)10-1(f)12-1(k)2600.540
2910-42-002910-45-00**2910-47-00**2910-60-0012-3 Solid(c)10-1(f)12-1(k)3150.580
2907-42-00**2907-45-00**2907-47-00**2907-60-00**12-3 Solid(c)10-1(f)12-2(l)3450.590
2905-42-00**2905-45-00**2905-47-00**2905-60-00**12-3 Solid(c)8-1(f)12-1(k)3450.595
2918-42-002918-45-00**2918-47-00**2918-60-0012-4 Solid(e)10-2(g)12-2(l)4350.660
2913-42-002913-45-00**2913-47-00**2913-60-0010-3 Solid(c)6-1(f)10-1(k)4850.720
2970-42-002970-45-00**2970-47-00**2970-60-0010-4 Solid(e)8-2(g)10-2(l)6280.800
Neutral Per Phase Design
2916-42-002916-45-00**2916-47-00**2916-60-0012-2 Solid(b)12-2(h)12-2(l)3350.580
2911-42-002911-45-00**2911-47-00**2911-60-0012-3 Solid(c)12-3(i)12-2(l)3850.620
2960-42-002960-45-00**2960-47-00**2960-60-0012-4 Solid(d)12-3(j)12-2(l)4200.659
2965-42-002965-45-00**2965-47-00**2965-60-0010-2 Solid(b)10-2(h)10-2(l)4500.670
2912-42-002912-45-00**2912-47-00**2912-60-0010-3 Solid(c)10-3(i)10-2(l)5450.720
** Special Order, subject to lead times and minimum order quantities.
Super Neutral Cables are also available with application-specific combinations of circuit, neutral and grounding conductors.
(a) black
(b) black/red
(c) black/red/blue
(d) black/red/pink/tan
(e) black/red/blue/pink
(f) white
(g) white/white with black stripe
(h) white with black stripe/white with red stripe
(i) white with black stripe/white with red stripe/white with blue stripe
(j) white/white with pink stripe/white with tan stripe
(k) green
(l) green/green with yellow stripe