MC Tuff Lightweight Steel Cable

Lightweight Steel Metal Clad Cable

High Strength, Lightweight Galvanized Steel Armor featuring ColorSpec

Features & Benefits

  • High strength, lightweight interlocking steel armor
  • Blue armor for easy identification
  • May be used with set-screw connectors UL listed for use with MC Cable
  • Superior EMI shielding versus aluminum armor
  • UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations
  • MC TUFF is a traditional Type MC cable containing one or more copper grounding conductors; the armor is not an equipment grounding means.
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


  • Commercial, industrial, multi-residential branch circuits and feeder wiring-services for power, lighting, control and signal circuits, exposed or concealed, fished, surface mounted, embedded in plaster, environmental air-handling spaces, open or messenger supported aerial runs, dry locations, hazardous locations to Class I & II Div. 2 and Class III, Div. 1 & 2 (per NEC® Articles 501, 502, 503, 530), Places of Assembly, and applications requiring superior EMI shielding



Galvanized Interlocking Steel Strip (blue striped)
Solid/Stranded Copper
Conductor Insulation
Type THHN with protective polypropylene covering on each insulated conductor (no messy assembly tape)
Maximum Temperature
90°C (dry) Rating
One grounding means – Inuslated green grounding conductor
Neutral Conductor
White 120/208V – Grey 277/480V
Maximum Voltage Rating
600V Voltage Rating

References & Ratings

  • UL 1569, UL 83, UL 1479, UL 1581, UL 2556, E80042
  • Federal spec A-A–59544 (formerly J-C–30B)
  • NEC® 210.4(B), 250.118(1), 330, 300.22(C), 230.43, 250.118, 392, 396, 503, 530, 518, 530, 645
  • Meets all OSHA and HUD requirements
  • May be surface mounted, fished and/or embedded in plaster
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R–14141
  • NEC® 300.22(C) Environmental Air Handling Spaces
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials

Traditional Type MC (120/208V)

Product Code CoilProduct Code ReelTrade SizeGrounding Conductor AWGLength (feet) CoilLength (feet) ReelApprox. Weight/1000 Feet (lbs.)Armor Minimum O.D. (inches)
Solid Wire
1701B42T001701B60T0014-2 Solid (black, white)14 (solid green)250'1000'1170.470
1702B42T001702B60T0014-3 Solid (black, red, white)14 (solid green)250'1000'1400.480
1703B42T001703B60T0014-4 Solid (black, red, blue, white)14 (solid green)250'1000'1640.510
1704B42T001704B60T0012-2 Solid (black, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1705B42T001705B60T0012-3 Solid (black, red, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'1860.530
1706B42T001706B60T0012-4 Solid (black, red, blue, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'2230.565
1707B42T001707B60T0010-2 Solid (black, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1708B42T001708B60T0010-3 Solid (black, red, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'2680.600
1709B42T001709B60T0010-4 Solid (black, red, blue, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'3130.645
Stranded Wire
1758B42T001758B60T0012-2 Stranded (black, white)12 (stranded green)250'1000'1520.495
1759B42T001759B60T0012-3 Stranded (black, red, white)12(stranded green)250'1000'1910.530
1760B42T001760B60T0012-4 Stranded (black, red, blue, white)12 (stranded green)250'1000'2250.565
1761B42T001761B60T0010-2 Stranded (black, white)10 (stranded green)250'1000'2270.560
1762B42T001762B60T0010-3 Stranded (black, red, white)10 (stranded green)250'1000'2690.600
1763B42T001763B60T0010-4 Stranded (black, red, blue, white)10 (stranded green)250'1000'3190.645
Specialty Colors
1704B42T041704B60T0412-2 Solid (red, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1704B42T051704B60T0512-2 Solid (blue, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1705B42T041705B60T0412-3 Solid (red, blue, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1705B42T051705B60T0512-3 Solid (black, blue, white)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1707B42T041707B60T0410-2 Solid (red, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1707B42T051707B60T0510-2 Solid (blue, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1708B42T041708B60T0410-3 Solid (red, blue, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'2680.600
1708B42T051708B60T0510-3 Solid (black, blue, white)10 (solid green)250'1000'2680.600
NOTE: All dimensions and weights are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Traditional Type MC (480Y/277V)

Product Code CoilProduct Code ReelTrade SizeGrounding Conductors AWGLength (feet) CoilLength (feet) ReelApprox. Weight/1000 Feet (lbs.)Armor Minimum O.D. (inches)
Solid Wire
1704B42T011704B60T0112-2 Solid (brown, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1704B42T021704B60T0212-2 Solid (orange, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1704B42T031704B60T0312-2 Solid (yellow, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1704B42T071704B60T0712-2 Solid (purple, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1470.495
1705B42T011705B60T0112-3 Solid (brown, orange, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1860.530
1705B42T021705B60T0212-3 Solid (orange, yellow, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1860.530
1705B42T031705B60T0312-3 Solid (brown, yellow, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1860.530
1705B42T071705B60T0712-3 Solid (brown, purple, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1860.530
1705B42T271705B60T2712-3 Solid (yellow, purple, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'1860.530
1706B42T011706B60T0112-4 Solid (brown, orange, yellow, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'2230.565
1706B42T071706B60T0712-4 Solid (brown, yellow, purple, gray)12 (solid green)250'1000'2230.565
1707B42T011707B60T0110-2 Solid (brown, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1707B42T021707B60T0210-2 Solid (orange, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1707B42T031707B60T0310-2 Solid (yellow, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1707B42T071707B60T0710-2 Solid (purple, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2220.560
1708B42T011708B60T0110-3 Solid (brown, orange, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2680.600
1708B42T021708B60T0210-3 Solid (orange, yellow, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2680.600
1708B42T031708B60T0310-3 Solid (brown, yellow, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'2680.600
1709B42T011709B60T0110-4 Solid (brown, orange, yellow, gray)10 (solid green)250'10003130.645
1709B42T071709B60T0710-4 Solid (brown, yellow, purple, gray)10 (solid green)250'1000'3130.645
Stranded Wire
1758B42T011758B60T0112-2 Stranded (brown, gray)12 (stranded green)250'1000'1520.495
1758B42T021758B60T0212-2 Stranded (orange, gray)12 (stranded green)250'1000'1520.495
1758B42T031758B60T0312-2 Stranded (yellow, gray)12 (stranded green)250'1000'1520.495
1759B42T011759B60T0112-3 Stranded (brown, orange, gray)12 (stranded green)250'1000'1910.530
1760B42T011760B60T0112-4 Stranded (brown, orange, yellow, gray)12 (stranded green)250'1000'1910.530
1761B42T011761B60T0110-2 Stranded (brown, gray)10 (stranded green)250'1000'2270.560
1762B42T011762B60T0110-3 Stranded (brown, orange, gray)10 (stranded green)250'1000'2690.600
1763B42T011763B60T0110-4 Stranded (brown, orange, yellow, gray)10 (stranded green)250'1000'3190.645
NOTE: All dimensions and weights are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.
Part NumberTrade SizeConductor ColorsStock/Special MakeGrounding Conductor AWGLengthMin. Order QuantityPallet QuantityArmor Min. O.D. (in)Approx. Weight Total Barrel Weight (lbs)
1704B93T0012/2Black, White Stock12 Solid Green25002500100000.495388
1704B93T0112/2Brown, Gray Stock12 Solid Green25002500100000.495388
1704B93T0212/2Orange, Gray Special Make12 Solid Green250010000100000.495388
1704B93T0312/2Yellow, Gray Special Make12 Solid Green250010000100000.495388
1705B92T0012/3Black, Red, White Stock12 Solid Green2000200080000.530392
1705B92T0112/3Brown, Orange, Gray Stock12 Solid Green2000200080000.530392
1705B92T0212/3Orange, Yellow, Gray Special Make12 Solid Green2000800080000.530392
1705B92T0312/3Brown, Yellow, Gray Special Make12 Solid Green2000800080000.530392
1706B91T0012/4Black, Red, Blue, White Special Make12 Solid Green1500600060000.565355
1706B91T0112/4Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray Special Make12 Solid Green1500600060000.565355
1707B91T0010/2Black, White Special Make10 Solid Green1500600060000.560353
1707B91T0110/2Brown, Gray Special Make10 Solid Green1500600060000.560353
1708B90T0010/3Black, Red, WhiteSpecial Make10 Solid Green1000400040000.600288
1708B90T0110/3Brown, Orange, Gray Special Make10 Solid Green1000400040000.600288
1709B90T0010/4Black, Red, Blue, White Special Make10 Solid Green1000400040000.645333
1709B90T0110/4Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray Special Make10 Solid Green1000400040000.645333
1704B76T00**12-2 Solid (Black, White)12 (Solid Green)60001470.495
1704B76T01**12-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)12 (Solid Green)60001470.495
** Subject to minimums and lead times