Fire Alarm/Control Cable (Type FPLP) has a new look. Its armor profile is flatter, smoother and easier to install through metal studs and ceilings. No more backbreaking pulls. Reduced risk of damaged studs. Just a smoother, faster experience.

MC Glide Fire Alarm™ Features:

Patented. U.S. Patent 11,101,056 & U.S Design Patent D935,731

Easier pulls. U.S. Patented armor profile is designed to reduce fatigue on your workers when pulling cable through metal studs and ceilings.

No need for new tools. Works with the same tools, fittings and supports as traditional MC Cables.

Time savings. From the first pull, installing MC Glide Fire Alarm™ will be smoother, faster and easier to work with than traditional fire alarm cable.

Minimize damage to studs. Less resistance means less opportunity for cable hang ups, that may knock down studs.

MC Glide Fire Alarm Control Cable (FPLP)

MC Glide Fire Alarm Control Cable (FPLP) cover

MC Glide Fire Alarm / Control Cable
Dual Rated Type FPLP

Product CodeTrade SizeGrounding Conductor AWGApprox. Weight
Approx. Armor O.D.
250' Reels1000' Reels
Solid THHN
SF60R42-00SF60R60-0016-2 (TSP) (Black, White)1N/A1220.435

¹ All drain wires are 18AWG tinned Copper in TSP construction


Double Bite Saddle Type Connectors – Straight

Catalog NumberTrade Size
KO Size
Cable Range
Dim ADim BDim CMaster PackWeight
Per C
DB38 -ICKON^3/81/20.660/0.4001.1181.2500.5005014.8

^Suitable for use on steel or aluminum cables

  • UL 66, 1424, 1479, 1569, 1581, 2556, File Reference E83514
  • NEC® 300.22(C), 392, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 518, 530, 645, 725, 760.154(A)
  • NEC® 300.22 (C) Other Spaces Used For Environmental Air (Plenums)
  • NFPA 262 (formerly UL 910) Plenum Rated – Type FPLP
  • UL classified 1, 2, and 3, hour through (Fire) penetration product R14141
  • Cable tray rated, install per NEC®
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544 (formerly J-C-30B)
  • Meets all applicable OSHA and HUD requirements
  • May be surface mounted, fished and /or embedded in plaster
  • Made in USA of US and /or imported materials
  • US Patent 11,101,056 & U.S Design Patent D935,731