23 Feb 2021

Since our increase announcement last week, copper has continued to rise along with all other materials.

Copper alone has risen an additional 22 cents.  That puts copper 59% higher than it was back in October when it was $2.61, with it now at $4.14.  As we’ve mentioned in previous increases, we continue to see steel, aluminum, resins and wood rise as well.  We’re issuing a new price sheet which will be effective close of business today.  Please note, with the impact of steel and aluminum pricing, we have had to address the additional cost for our steel armored products.  There is now pricing for aluminum armored products and pricing for steel armored products.  Also, note, we had to address the rise in wood.  Our reel costs have gone up 68% over the past several months.  To address this, we had to change our reel list prices to cover this added cost.  Also, note, due to the continuing rise in all materials, we have to increase our prices on flex and LT products over and above our last increase.  To put this all in perspective, on cable products, you are looking at an increase 7%; and on flex and LT products, an additional increase of about 5%.  For specific details, please contact your local agent.

Also please note that due to these unprecedented, volatile times, we will not be accepting any price protection orders.