30 Mar 2018

We’re all very aware that costs continue to rise. These higher costs are impacting all products.

Freight costs have increased dramatically, with fuel surcharges as well as shortages in flatbed and van availability; and this, all in advance of ELD (Electronically Logged Data). Shortly, ELD will also impact freight with its enforcement, further impacting costs by putting additional stress on truck availability, which again adds price impact. Our increase addresses freight impact, as well as other inflations such as plywood. It does not address the impending Section 232 Tariffs on steel and aluminum. Look toward the end of April for more communication on how we’ll be approaching those higher costs. Most likely, we’ll look to add a specific line to all orders to cover these additional costs. In the meantime, please proactively address this increase which takes effect close of business Wednesday, April 3rd. Depending upon the products and items, this represents an increase of approximately 3% to 7%.

Please contact your agent for specific details.

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