19 Jan 2021

Copper’s upward movement shows no slowing, and we continue to face rising costs on steel, aluminum, PVC, Zinc, freight and reels. 

Today, copper is at over $3.68 and was trading as high as $3.70 earlier.  Our last increase was issued on November 30th and we were facing copper levels of $3.44, so this an additional 24 cents higher.  Since October, we’ve seen an increase in copper of almost 80 cents, and again, we’re experiencing higher pricing on all other materials as well. The following charts depict price rises and percentages on all of these materials.  We must increase our pricing, and therefore are issuing a new sheet, effective Tuesday, January 12th to drive for a 6% rise to the market.  For specific details, please contact your local agent. 

Please also be aware that we will be monitoring order intake prior to this increase and will not accept orders larger than your typical one week buying volume pattern.