In addition to Type MC and Type AC product lines, Kaf-Tech also has a selection of additional cable wiring products as time saving accessories.

They are UL listed under UL File No. E82631 and manufactured to UL Standard 467. Bare armored grounds are used as grounding electrode conductors. These conductors are used to connect the system grounded conductor, or the equipment, to a grounding electrode or to a point on the grounding electrode system. For example, the grounding conductor can be used to connect equipment such as electrical service panels to grounding electrodes such as metal underground water pipes, metal building frames or other electrodes permitted for grounding. The steel metallic armor provides protection against physical damage that is required by the National Electrical Code section 250.64. Bare armored ground cables are available with galvanized steel interlocked armor with one stranded or solid copper conductor.

In addition, Kaf-Tech also offers MC SnapIt, a stud strap that does not require any tools for installation. Choose from a variety of size options including two, three or four circuits and the size of the stud or customize your option with the Piggy Back Clip to add additional circuits. During installation snap the MC SnapIt to the stud and clip in the cables. MC SnapIt speeds up installation time.

The Pack N Roll also speeds up installation time by alleviating unrolling coils on the job site. Place the coil into the Pack N Roll and it feeds easily through without any tangles. Cut the desired length and keep the coil neatly contained at the same time. Use the container to easily transport coils from job site to job site without getting it dirty or tangled. The container can fit both Type AC and Type MC Cables and can be easily stacked to conserve space.

  • MC Snapit

    MC Snapit

    Interlocked MC Snapit™ makes installing MC cable fast and easy. No more tools required. The design eliminates the unsightly sagging you get with other supports.