AC Lite Armored Cable

Armored cable, referred to as Type AC cable or BX Electrical Cable is one of the original styles of flexible conduit used as an alternative to pipe and wire installations. These cables are manufactured to the UL® 4 standard. A 16 AWG (American Wire Gauge) bare aluminum bond wire is used along with the armor as the ground path.

AC Cable can be used in a variety of applications per NEC Code. To see the full code references, view the list below.

Differences between AC Cable (BX electrical cable) and other types of cable include the limit on the number of phase conductors allowed. AC Cable is limited to four phases between the sizes of 14 AWG and 1 AWG. Additional differences include the use of a paper wrap on AC Cables whereas other cables use a polypropylene wrap or extrude directly over the conductors.

Galvanized Aluminum Armor

Features & Benefits

  • Interlocking galvanized
  • Integral bond wire/armor equipment ground fault path
  • UL classified for through-wall penetrations
  • Aluminum armored cables are RoHS Compliant
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


  • Commercial, industrial, multi-residential branch circuits and feeder wiring, services for power, lighting, control and signal circuits. Exposed or concealed, surface mounted, embedded in plaster finish on brick or other masonry (except wet or damp locations), fished or run in air voids of masonry block or tile walls, under raised floors, above suspended ceilings and in other environmental air- handling spaces Galvanized Aluminum Armor

Specification Description

Interlocking Aluminum Strip (silver or black striped)
Solid/Stranded Copper
Conductor Insulation
Conductor Insulation Covering
Moisture resistant Fire Retardant Paper Wrap
MaximumTemperature Rating
90°C (dry)
16AWG integral Bond Wire/combination
Neutral Conductor
White 120/208V / Gr ey 480Y/277V
Maximum Voltage Rating

References & Ratings

  • UL 4, 83, 1479, 1581, 2556, File Reference E7330
  • NEC® 250.118(8), 300.22(C), 392, 320, 645
  • Federal Specification A-A–59544 (formerly J-C–30B)
  • Meets all applicable OSHA and HUD Requirements
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R–14141
  • Environmental Air-Handling Space Installation per NEC® 300.22(C)
  • Aluminum armored cables are RoHS Compliant
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials
Product Code CoilProduct Code ReelTrade SizeLength (feet) CoilLength (feet) $33lApprox/ Weight / 1000 Ft. (lbs)Armor Min. O.D. (in)
120/208V Solid
2701-42-002701-60-0014-2 Solid (Black, White)250'1000'840.485
2702-42-002702-60-0014-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)250'1000'1000.453
2703-42-002703-60-0014-4 (Black, Red, Blue, White)250'1000'1200.486
2704-42-002704-60-0012-2 Solid (Black, White)250'1000'1040.514
2705-42-002705-60-0012-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)250'1000'1330.535
2706-42-002706-60-0012-4 (Black, Red, Blue, White)250'1000'2790.581
2707-42-002707-60-0010-2 Solid (Black, White)250'1000'1430.585
2708-42-002708-60-0010-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)250'1000'1870.610
2709-42-002709-60-0010-4 (Black, Red, Blue, White)250'1000'2320.653
120/208V Stranded
2715-40-002715-45-008-2 Stranded (Black, White)200'500'2140.755
2716-40-002716-45-008-3 Stranded (Red, White)200'500'2850.789
2717-32-002717-45-008-4 Stranded125'500'4000.864
2719-32-002719-45-006-2 Stranded125'500'5520.951
2720-32-002720-45-006-3 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)125'500'4370.875
2721-30-002721-45-006-4 Stranded100'500'3290.835
2724-30-002724-45-004-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)100'500'6350.975
2725-30-002725-45-004-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)100'500'8121.062
2728-30-002728-45-003-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)100'500'7651.028
2729-30-002729-45-003-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)100'500'10041.173
2726-30-002726-45-002-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)100'500'9091.093
2727-30-002727-45-002-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue,w hite)100'500'11731.195
277/480V Solid
2704N42-01*2704N60-01*12-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)250'1000'1040.514
2705N42-01*2705N60-01*12-3 Solid (Brown, Orange, Gray)250'1000'1330.535