Hospital grade with two ground fault paths that meet NEC 517 requirements for health care applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Interlocking aluminum armor
  • Green armor for easy cable identification in health care applications
  • Armor plus full-sized aluminum ground wire is the equipment grounding mean, second equipment grounding means is full sized insulated copper grounding conductor
  • MCI-A listed connectors required
  • UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


Branch circuits in areas of patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient facilities, dental offices, clinics and medical centers (other than emergency, life safety or critical care locations), Places of Assembly, under raised floors, above suspended ceilings, environmental air-handling spaces, exposed or concealed dry locations, surface mounted, fished, any application requiring isolated or redundant grounding, normal or general purpose power in health care settings. Places of Assembly as per NEC® Article 518, and in Patient Care Areas of Patient Care as per NEC® Article 517.


Galvanized Interlocking Aluminum Strip (light green striped)
Solid/Stranded Copper
Type THHN with protective
polypropylene covering on each insulated conductor (no messy assembly tape)
Max. Temp. Rating
90°C (dry)
Two grounding means – (1) armor PLUS full-sized aluminum ground conductor, (2) Full-sized green insulated copper grounding conductor NEC® 250.118(10)(b)
Neutral Conductor
White 120/208V – Grey 277/480V
Max. Voltage Rating

References & Ratings

  • UL 1569, UL 83, UL 1479, UL 1581, UL 2556, E80042
  • Federal spec A-A–59544 (formerly J-C–30B)
  • NEC® 330, 300.22(C), 230.43, 250.118, 392, 396, 503, 530, 517, 518, 520, 645
  • Permitted for use in Cable Trays
  • Meets all OSHA and HUD requirements
  • May be surface mounted, fished and/or embedded in plaster
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R–14141
  • NEC® 300.22(C) Environmental Air Handling Spaces
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials
Product Code No. 250' CoilProduct Code No. 1000' ReelTrade Size AWGCopper Cond. TypeConductor ColorsGrounding Conductor AWG ColorBare Alum. Bonding/Bond Cond. AWGCable Nominal O.D. (in)Approx. Weight 1000 Ft. (lbs.)
MC-Stat Lite Cable
120/208V Solid
5804-42-005804-60-0012/2solidblack, white12/green100.523122
5804-42-045804-60-0412/2solidred, white12/green100.523122
5804-42-055804-60-0512/2solidblue, white12/green100.523122
5805-42-005805-60-0012/3solidblack, red, white12/green100.565152
5805-42-045805-60-0412/3solidred, blue, white12/green100.565152
5806-42-005806-60-0012/4solidblack, red, blue, white12/green100.618200
5807-42-005807-60-0010/2solidblack, white10/green80.601178
5808-42-005808-60-0010/3solidblack, red, white10/green80.651242
5809-42-005809-60-0010/4solidblack, red, blue, white10/green80.786301
277/480V Solid
5804-42-015804-60-0112/2solidbrown, gray12/green100.523122
5804-42-025804-60-0212/2solidorange, gray12/green100.523122
5804-42-035804-60-0312/2solidyellow, gray12/green100.523122
5804-42-075804-60-0712/2solidpurple, gray12/green100.523122
5805-42-015805-60-0112/3solidbrown, orange, gray12/green100.565152
5806-42-015806-60-0112/4solidbrown, orange, yellow, gray12/green100.618200
120/208V Stranded
5858-42-005858-60-0012/2strandedblack, white12/green100.539127
5858-42-045858-60-0412/2strandedred, white12/green100.539127
5858-42-055858-60-0512/2strandedblue, white12/green100.539127
5859-42-005859-60-0012/3strandedblack, red, white12/green100.565158
5859-42-045859-60-0412/3strandedred, blue, white12/green100.565158
5859-42-055859-60-0512/3strandedblack, blue, white12/green100.565158
5860-42-005860-60-0012/4strandedblack, red, blue, white12/green100.645210
277/480V Stranded
5858-42-015858-60-0112/2strandedbrown, gray12/green100.539127
5859-42-015859-60-0112/3strandedbrown, orange, gray12/green100.565158
5860-42-015860-60-0112/4strandedbrown, orange, yellow, gray12/green100.645211
Part NumberTrade SizeCopper Conductor TypeGrounding Conductor AWG/ColorStock/Special MakeBare Alum. Bonding/Bond Cord AWGLengthMin. Order QuantityPallet QuantityArmor Min. O.D. (in)Approx. Weight Total Barrel Weight (lbs)
MC-Stat Lite Plain Solid Conductor
5804-92-0012-2 SolidBlack, White 12/greenSpecial Make102000800080000.523203
5804-92-0112-2 SolidBrown, Gray 12/greenSpecial Make102000800080000.523203
5805-91-0012-3 SolidBlack, Red, White 12/greenSpecial Make101500600060000.565324
5805-91-0112-3 SolidBrown, Orange, Gray 12/greenSpecial Make101500600060000.565324