• “Quik” terminations and decreased box fill that saves time and eliminates scrap.

Features & Benefits

  • Interlocking aluminum armor
  • Armor plus full-sized aluminum ground wire is the equipment grounding means
  • Protective covering over each insulated copper conductor
  • MCI-A listed connectors required
  • UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


  • Commercial, industrial, multi-residential branch circuits for power, lighting, control and signal circuit.
  • Exposed or concealed, dry locations, fished, surface mounted, embedded in plaster, environmental air handling spaces, in hazardous locations to Class I & II, Div 2 and Class III, Div. 1 & 2 (per NEC Articles 501, 502, 503, 530), Places of Assembly per NEC Article 518.

MC-Quik Lite
Interlocking Aluminum Strip
Solid/Stranded Copper
Conductor Insulation
Type THHN with protective polypropylene covering on each insulated conductor (no messy assembly tape)
Maximum Temperature Rating
90°C (dry)
One grounding means – armor PLUS full-sized aluminum ground/bond conductor NEC® 250.118(10)(b)
Neutral Conductor
White 120/208V – Gray 277/480V
Maximum Voltage Rating

References & Ratings

  • UL 1569, UL 83, UL 1479, UL 1581, UL 2556, E80042
  • Federal spec A-A-59544 (formerly J-C-30B)
  • NEC 330, 300.22(C), 230.43, 250.118, 392, 396, 501, 502, 503, 530, 518, 520, 645, 690.31(E)
  • Permitted for use in Cable Trays
  • Meets all OSHA and HUD requirements
  • May be surface mounted, fished and/or embedded in plaster
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R-14141
  • NEC 300.22(C) Environmental Air Handling Spaces
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials
Product Code 250’ CoilProduct Code 1000’ ReelTrade Size AWGBare Alum. Bonding/Bond Cond. AWGLength (feet) CoilLength (feet) ReelArmor Nom. O.D. (In)Approx Weight / 1000 Feet (lbs)
120/208V Solid
3101Z42-003101Z60-0014-2 Solid (Black,White)1225010000.42266
3102Z42-003102Z60-0014-3 Solid (Black,Red, White)1225010000.46788
3103Z42-00*3103Z60-00*14-4 Solid (Black, Red, Blue, White)1225010000.503109
3104Z42-003104Z60-0012-2 Solid (Black, White1025010000.46390
3104Z42-043104Z60-0412-2 Solid Red, White)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-053104Z60-0512-2 Solid (Blue, White)1025010000.46390
3105Z42-003105Z60-0012-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-04*3105Z60-04*12-3 Solid Red, Blue, White)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-05*3105Z60-05*12-3 Solid (Black, Blue, White)1025010000.523122
3106Z42-003106Z60-0012-4 Solid (Black, Red, Blue, White)1025010000.565151
3107Z42-003107Z60-0010-2 Solid (Black, White)825010000.525131
3107Z42-04*3107Z60-04*10-2 Solid (Red, White)825010000.525131
3107Z42-05*3107Z60-05*10-2 Solid (Blue, White)825010000.525131
3108Z42-003108Z60-0010-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)825010000.601178
3108Z42-04*3108Z60-04*10-3 Solid (Red, Blue, White)825010000.601178
3108Z42-05*3108Z60-05*10-3 Solid (Black, Blue, White)825010000.601178
3109Z42-003109Z60-0010-4 Solid (Black, Red, Blue, White)825010000.651242
277/480V Solid
3104Z42-013104Z60-0112-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-023104Z60-0212-2 Solid (Orange, Gray)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-033104Z60-0312-2 Solid (Yellow, Gray)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-07*3104Z60-07*12-2 Solid (Purple, Gray)1025010000.46390
3105Z42-013105Z60-0112-3 Solid (Brown, Orange, Gray)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-02*3105Z60-02*12-3 Solid (Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-03*3105Z60-03*12-3 Solid (Yellow, Brown, Gray)1025010000.523122
3106Z42-013106Z60-0112-4 Solid (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.565151
3107Z42-013107Z60-0110-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)825010000.525131
3107Z42-02*3107Z60-02*10-2 Solid (Orange, Gray)825010000.525131
3107Z42-03*3107Z60-03*10-2 Solid (Yellow, Gray)825010000.525131
3108Z42-013108Z60-0110-3 Solid (Brown, Orange, Gray)825010000.601178
3108Z42-023108Z60-0210-3 Solid (Orange, Yellow, Gray)825010000.601178
3108Z42-033108Z60-0310-3 Solid (Yellow, Brown, Gray)825010000.601178
3109Z42-013109Z60-0110-4 Solid (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)825010000.651242
120/208V Stranded
3158Z42-003158Z60-0012-2 Stranded (Black, White)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-043158Z60-0412-2 Stranded Red, White)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-053158Z60-0512-2 Stranded (Blue, White)1025010000.48294
3159Z42-003159Z60-0012-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)1025010000.523126
3160Z42-003160Z60-0012-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)1025010000.585158
3161Z42-003161Z60-0010-2 Stranded (Black, White)825010000.552151
3162Z42-003162Z60-0010-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)825010000.625202
3163Z42-003163Z60-0010-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)825010000.680261
277/480V Stranded
3158Z42-013158Z60-0112-2 Stranded (Brown, Gray)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-023158Z60-0212-2 Stranded (Orange, Gray)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-033158Z60-0312-2 Stranded (Yellow, Gray)1025010000.48294
3159Z42-013159Z60-0112-3 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Gray)1025010000.539126
3159Z42-023159Z60-0212-3 Stranded (Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.539126
3159Z42-033159Z60-0312-3 Stranded (Yellow, Brown Gray)1025010000.539126
3160Z42-013160Z60-0112-4 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.585158
3161Z42-013161Z60-0110-2 Stranded (Brown, Gray)825010000.552151
3162Z42-013162Z60-0110-3 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Gray)825010000.625202
3163Z42-013163Z60-0110-4 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)825010000.680260
Note: All dimensions and weights subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
* Special Order, subject to lead times and minimum order quantities.
Part NumberTrade SizeConductor ColorsStock/Special MakeGrounding Conductor AWGLengthMin. Order QuantityPallet QuantityArmor Min. O.D. (in)Approx. Weight Total Barrel Weight (lbs)
MC Quik Lite Plain Solid Conductor
3104Z93-0012/2Black, WhiteStock1025002500100000.463245
3104Z93-0112/2Brown, GrayStock1025002500100000.463245
3105Z92-0012/3Black, Red, WhiteStock102000200080000.523264
3105Z92-0112/3Brown, Orange, GrayStock102000200080000.523264
MC Quik Lite Plain Stranded Conductor
3158Z92-0012/2Black, WhiteStock102000200080000.482208
3158Z92-0112/2Brown, GrayStock102000200080000.482208
3159Z91-0012/3Black, Red, WhiteStock101500150060000.523146
3159Z91-0112/3Brown, Orange, GrayStock101500150060000.523146