Galvanized Interlocking Steel Armor Color Coded Red featuring ColorSpec®

Features & Benefits

  • Red armor identifies Fire Alarm Cable
  • Type FPLP or Dual-Rated Type MC/FPLP is plenum rated
  • Available with twisted shielded pairs
  • Superior EMI Shielding versus aluminum armor
  • UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations
  • Fire Alarm/Control Cable is a traditional Type MC cable containing one or more copper grounding conductors; the armor is not an equipment grounding means
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


Fire alarm wiring or remote control hook-up connecting main fire alarm control panel with pull stations, smoke detectors and alarms, remote control circuits from magnetic motor starters, contractor, relays and signals, exposed, concealed, in cable trays, ducts, plenums or other environmental air-handling spaces, FPLP, in hazardous locations up to Class I & II, Div. 2 and Class III, Div. 1 & 2 (per NEC® Articles 501, 502, 503, 530).Galvanized Interlocking Steel Armor Color Coded Red featuring ColorSpec®#


Galvanized Interlocking Steel Strip (red-striped)
Solid Copper
Conductor Insulation
TFN 18 & 16 AWG and/or THHN 14 & 12 AWG
Polyester Assembly Tape; Twisted Shielded: Laminated Aluminum/Mylar ® Shield with Tinned Copper drain wire
Maximum Temperature Rating
105°C (dry) MC: 90°C (dry)
One or more grounding conductors may be bare or insulated green, see chart
Neutral Conductor
Maximum Voltage Rating
300V (FPLP)
600V (MC)

References & Ratings

  • UL 66, 83, 1424, 1479, 1569, 1581, 2556, File Reference E80042
  • NEC® 300.22(C), 392, 330, 430.2, 501, 502, 503, 530, 504, 505, 518, 530, 645, 725, 760, 760.154(A)
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • Federal Specification A-A–59544 (formerly J-C–30B)
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R–14141
  • NFPA 262 (formerly UL 910) Plenum Rated – Type FPLP
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials
Product Information
Fire Alarm Control Cable - Galvanized interlocking Steel Armor Color Coded Red Featuring Color-Trak®
250' Coil500' Reel750' Reel1000' ReelTrade SizeGrounding Conductor AWGApprox. Weight/1000 Feet (lbs.)Armor Minimum O.D. (inches)
Solid TFN
1801R42-001801R45-001801R47-001801R60-0018-2 Solid (black, white)18 bare1150.41
1803R42-001803R45-001803R47-001803R60-0018-4 Solid (black, white, red, blue)18 bare1300.43
1805R42-001805R45-001805R47-001805R60-0018-6 Solid (black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange)18 bare1700.49
1807R42-00**1807R45-00**1807R47-00**1807R60-00**18-8 Solid (black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, purple)18 bare1900.51
1810R42-001810R45-001807R47-00**1810R60-0016-2 Solid (black, white)16-4 Solid (black, white, red, blue)16 bare1300.42
1813R42-001813R45-001810R47-001813R60-0016-4 Solid (black, white, red, blue)15516 bare0.44
1815R42-00**1815R45-00**1813R47-001815R60-00**16-6 Solid (black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange)16 bare2050.51
1817R42-00**1817R45-00**1815R47-00**16-8 Solid (black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, purple)16 bare2300.52
Solid THHN
1834R42-001834R45-001834R47-001834R60-0014-2 Solid (black, white)14 (solid green)1750.47
1837R42-001837R45-001837R47-001837R60-0014-4 Solid (black, white, red, blue)14 (solid green)2300.51
1823R42-00**1823R45-00**14-6 Solid (black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange)14 (solid green)2500.52
1835R42-001835R45-001835R47-001835R60-0012-2 Solid (black, white)12 (solid green)2150.495
1840R42-001840R45-001840B60-0012-4 Solid (black, white, red, blue)12 (solid green)2950.565
Twisted Shielded Pairs
1850R42-001850R45-001850R47-001850R60-0018-2 Solid (1 pair) (black, white)18 tinned†1200.47
1827R42-001827R45-001827R47-001827R60-0018-2 Solid (1pair) (black, red) & shielded 14-2 Solid (1 pair) (black, white)18 & 14 tinned† 2 pairs2900.64
1860R42-001860R45-001860R47-001860R60-0016-2 Solid (1 pair) (black, white)16 tinned†1350.43
1843R42-001843R45-001843R47-001843R60-0016-4 Solid (2 pair) (black, white) (red, blue)2 - 16 tinned†1600.45
1895R42-061895R45-061895R47-061895R60-0616-2 Solid (1 pair) (black, red)16 tinned† & 16 (solid green)1900.5
4901R42-004901R45-004901R47-004901R60-0016-2 Solid (1 pair) (black, white) & un-shielded 12-2 Solid (1 pair) ( black, red)16 tinned† & 12 (solid green)280585
1828R42-001828R45-001828R47-001828R60-0014-2 Solid (1 pair) (black, white)16 tinned† & 14 (solid green)1700.47
1828R60-0514-2 Solid Green (blue, white)
1835R60-0512-2 Solid Green (blue, white)
1895R60-0516-2 Solid Green (blue, white)
1881R42-001881R45-0014-4 Solid (2 pair) (black, red) (blue, white)2 - 16 tinned† & 14 (solid green)2300.565
Specialty Colors
1834R42-051834R45-051828R47-051828R60-0514-2 Twisted Shielded Pair (blue/white)14 (green+drain)1750.47
1834R42-061834R45-061834R47-051834R60-0514-2 Solid (blue, white)14 (solid green)1750.47
1834R42-231834R45-231834R47-061834R60-0614-2 Solid (black, red)14 (solid green)1750.47
1834R42-371834R45-371834R47-231834R60-2314-2 Solid (orange, yellow)14 (solid green)1750.47
1834R42-441834R45-441834R47-371834R60-3714-2 Solid (brown, purple)14 (solid green)1750.47
1837R42-051837R45-051834R47-441834R60-4414-2 Solid (gray, gray*)14 (solid green)1750.47
1837R42-061837R45-061837R47-051837R60-0514-4 Solid (blue, blue*, white, white*)14 (solid green)2300.51
1895R42-061895R45-061837R47-061837R60-0614-4 Solid (black, black*, red, red*)14 (solid green)2300.51
1828R42-051828R45-051895R47-061895R60-0616-2 Twisted Shielded Pair (black/red)16 (green+drain)2300.51
Electrical Properties (ohms to neutral per 1000 feet)
Conductor Size AWGXL, Reactance1RAC, Resistance, 75°C2Z, Effective3 Impedance
Mutual Capacitance (pico farads per foot)
Conductor Size AWGTwisted Pair1Twisted Shielded Pair2

Twists per Foot


SizeTotal Numbers of Conductors Including GroundConductor DiameterLength of LayTwists per Foot