• Low smoke, zero halogen raceway
  • Low toxicity generation characteristics
  • Hot dipped zinc galvanized low carbon steel core
  • Excellent temperature ratings
  • Black thermoplastic polyurethane jacket
  • UL copper bonding strip 3/8″ – 11⁄4″ for grounding
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Flame retardant TPU jacket


  • Wherever limiting toxic material of combustion is needed
  • 600 volt and lower circuits
  • Direct burial and concrete embedment
  • Bond wire for grounding in sizes 3/8″ – 11⁄4″ NEC® 250.118(6)
  • Hazardous locations per NEC® 501


The LIQUID-TUFF™ LSZH Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit shall be formed from zinc coated galvanized low carbon steel strip having a uniform width and thickness. There shall be a continuous bonding strip built into the conduit core for the 3/8 through 11⁄4 trade sizes. The construction shall be in accordance with the UL 360 Standard. The Low Smoke Zero Halogen designation shall be based upon testing to ASTM® 162 – Flame Spread Index, ASTM® E662 – Smoke Density Generation and Bombardier SMP-800C – Toxic Gas Generation. The finished LIQUID-TUFF™ LSZH Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit dimensions shall be in accordance with Table 5.1 of UL 360

Jacket – TPU

A rugged low-smoke, moisture, oil, sunlight resistant and flame retardant thermoplastic polyurethane jacket shall be applied directly over the flexible metal conduit. The physical properties of the jacket material shall comply with the UL 360 Standard. The Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket shall be tested to and comply with ASTM® 162 – Flame Spread Index, ASTM® E662 – Smoke Density Generation and Bombardier SMP-800C – Toxic Gas Generation. The test results are summarized in Table 1. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) does not List any manufacturers jacket compound as being low smoke zero halogen. The jacket wall thickness shall be in accordance with Table 4.1 of UL 360.

Temperature Rating

  • 80°C/176°F Dry
  • 60°C/140°F Wet
  • 70°C/158°F Oil resistant
  • –40°C

References & Ratings

  • Non-UL core
  • ASTM® E 162 Flame Spread Index
  • ASTM® E 662 Smoke Density Generation
  • Bombardier SMP–800C Toxic Gas Generation
  • UL 94 Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts


A separate grounding conductor is required for all trade sizes.


The surface of the outer jacket shall be clearly marked with the applicable print legend.

Performance Tests

The completed LIQUID-TUFF™ LSZH Non-UL Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit shall meet all of the performance requirements outlined below.

  • Flexibility
  • Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Zinc Coating
  • Vertical Flame
  • Physical Properties
  • Deformation
  • Mechanical Water Absorption
  • Moisture Penetration
  • Sunlight Resistance
  • Test for Durability of Ink Printing
Product CodeTrade Size (inches)Trade Size (mm)Coil Length (feet)Reel Length (feet)Approx. Weight/ 100 feet (pounds)External Diameter (inches) Over Conduit (min/max)External Diameter (inches) Over Jacket (min/max)Internal Diameter (min/max) inchesBend Radius (inches)
6755-24-001 1/43550'-1021.540/1.5701.630/1.6601.380/1.4108
6755-40-001 1/435-200'1021.540/1.5701.630/1.6601.380/1.4108
6755-47-001 1/435-750'1021.540/1.5701.630/1.6601.380/1.4108
6756-24-001 1/24150'-1071.735/1.7701.865/1.9001.575/1.6009
6758-22-002 1/26325'-1682.640/2.6752.840/2.8752.480/2.50514.62
Vertical Burn (Material)UL 94UL Listed: V-O Rating No Flaming Drips
Vertical Burn (Conduit)UL 360UL Listed: Passed
Oxygen Index % (Material)ASTM D 286325%
Flame Spread IndexASTM E-162Passed No Flaming Drips
Smoke Generation (Flaming)ASTM E662 (NFPA-258)Ds=13 @ 1.5 min Ds=57 @ 4.0 min No Flaming Drips
Smoke Generation (Non-flaming)ASTM E662 (NFPA-258)Ds=1 @ 1.5 min Ds=8 @ 4.0 min No Flaming Drips
Toxic Gas GenerationBombardier SMP-800CPass
Conduit Trade SizeMetric DesignatorMinimum Acceptable Average Thickness of Jacket, (inches)
1 1/4350.035
1 1/2410.040
2 1/2630.050
Conduit Size InchesConduit Size MetricInternal Diameter, In. Min.Internal Diameter, In. Max.Over Conduit, In. Min.Over Conduit, In. Max.Over Jacket, In. Min.Over Jacket, In. Max.
1 1/4351.3801.4101.5401.5701.6301.660
1 1/2411.5751.6001.7351.7701.8651.900
2 1/2632.4802.5052.6402.6752.8402.875